Team Savage

Competitive Shooters


Warren Dean

Extreme range meets extreme skill in this F-Class fanatic.


Patrick Kelley

This “dude who shoots” is one of practical shooting’s best.


Monte Milanuk

After starting down the road of competition shooting, there was no turning back.


Mike Miller

This teacher, hunter and long-range champion knows all things shooting.


Stan Pate

Hard work, attention to detail and the right attitude have made Stan one of the world’s best shooters.


Larry Houck

Nationally recognized top level competitor in multiple disciplines.

Hunting Partners

Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman continues his family’s legacy.

Mike Stroff

Hunting hard for his clients is a full-time job.

Brad Farris

Brad Farris turned his passion for hunting into a way of life.

Jackie Bushman

Meet the man who changed deer hunting as we know it.

Will Primos

Since 1963, Will Primos has been answering the call of the outdoors.

Guy Eastman

For Guy Eastman, hunting’s not a job—it’s a lifestyle


Jimmy Primos

His love of hunting has taken Jimmy Primos across the globe, but always back to Mississippi.