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Muzzleloader Notice


As the new hunting season approaches, Savage Arms would like to remind 10ML-II muzzleloader owners to carefully follow the safe loading procedures as recommended in the manual. When loaded incorrectly, the barrel can become catastrophically damaged, creating the potential for serious injury. To avoid injury:

1.  Always ensure the barrel is empty before loading.
  • Insert your factory 10ML-II ramrod into the barrel until it rests on the breech plug. The end of the ramrod should be flush with the muzzle. If any part extends beyond the end of the barrel, DO NOT LOAD. Disassemble the muzzleloader and unload or clear the obstruction.
  • Always remove the primer, powder, and bullet before storing.

2.  Follow the exact load instructions in the manual or the approved new load data at
  • A replacement manual with load data can be found at
  • Never deviate from the load recommendations, including without limitation by using different powders, sabots, bullets, or more or less powder.
  • Measure smokeless powder charges by weight, not volume.

3.  If the bullet slips or feels loose at any point while loading, DO NOT USE.
  • Improper use or storage can result in bulges, cracks, or corrosion that causes the bullet to slip during loading. Use in this condition can result in a catastrophic failure.

4.  Firmly seat the bullet onto the powder charge.
  • Space between the powder and projectile will decrease accuracy and can increase pressures.

Savage Arms is the leader in accuracy, quality and value, and we are confident the 10ML-II is safe when used properly.
BMag Recall FR
AVIS DE RAPPEL - CULASSE DE LA CARABINE B.MAG DE SAVAGE ARMS (17 WSM) View in English 24 août 2015 Savage Arms a découvert que la culasse de certaines carabines B.MAG pouvait accidentellement entrer en contact avec le verrou de sûreté et le faire glisser en position « tir ». Cette situation se produit principalement si une pression vers le bas est appliquée trop hâtivement sur la culasse lorsqu’elle est poussée vers l’avant. Bien que Savage n’ait reçu aucun rapport d’accident causé par cette situation, nous avons décidé d’offrir des modifications gratuites de toutes les culasses des carabines B.MAG par mesure préventive et en raison de notre engagement continu envers la qualité et la sécurité. Pour éviter toute décharge ou blessure accidentelle, n’utilisez pas votre carabine B.MAG jusqu’à ce que votre culasse ait été modifiée avec un nouveau levier de culasse et bouchon de culasse. Pour obtenir des instructions afin de recevoir votre modification de culasse gratuite, visiter l’adresse Pour toute autre question relative à ce rappel de culasse, communiquez avec nous en appelant le 844-784-3301, du lundi au vendredi, de 8 h à 17 h HNE. Cette modification s’applique uniquement aux culasses des carabines B.MAG de Savage. La modification de la culasse comprend le remplacement du levier de culasse et du bouchon de culasse existants par un levier de culasse et un bouchon de culasse améliorés. Les bonnes pièces améliorées sont facilement identifiées: À gauche: Le levier de culasse existant.Sur la droite: Levier de culasse amélioré avec marque de cran sur le bras. À gauche: Bouchon de culasse évasé existant. Sur la droite: Bouchon de culasse (arrondi) amélioré. Pour éviter les blessures graves ou la mort pouvant être causées par une carabine, respectez ces précautions: Vérifiez toujours visuellement que le verrou de sûreté est enclenché (« on »/marche) après avoir fermé la culasse. Ne placez jamais votre doigt sur la gâchette jusqu’à ce que vous soyez prêt à tirer. Ne pointez jamais une arme à feu, qu’elle soit chargée ou non, vers toute cible que vous n’avez pas l’intention de tirer. Savage Arms est le chef de file en matière de précision, de qualité et de valeur, et nous croyons en nos produits. Nous vous offrons nos plus sincères excuses pour tout inconvénient que cette situation pourrait occasionner.   Resources Instructions écrites ...
BMag Recall


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August 24, 2015

Savage Arms has discovered that the bolt on some B.MAG rifles may inadvertently catch the safety button and slide it forward into the "fire" position. This condition is primarily present if downward pressure is applied to the bolt too early while pushing it forward. While Savage has received no reports of accidents due to this condition, we have decided to offer free retrofits of all B.MAG rifle bolts out of an abundance of caution and in our ongoing commitment to quality and safety.

To avoid possible unintentional discharge or injury, do not use your B.MAG rifle until your bolt has been retrofitted with a new bolt handle and cap. For instructions on receiving your free bolt retrofit, see the information below. The bolt retrofit includes the replacement of the existing bolt handle and bolt cap with a revised bolt handle and bolt cap. The correct, revised parts are easily identified in the images below.

Products Affected By Recall

Savage Arms B.MAG Rifle Bolts

What You Need to Do

To avoid possible unintentional discharge or injury, do not use your B.MAG rifle until your bolt has been retrofitted with a new bolt handle and cap.
  • Determine if the bolt is subject to the recall
  • If the serial number matches the recall, you can request your free retrofit kit or send back to Savage Arms to be replaced at no cost to you.

Left: Existing bolt handle. Right: Revisited bolt handle with detent mark on arm.

Left: Existing tapered bolt cap. Right: Revisited blunt bolt cap.

To avoid serious injury or death with any rifle, observe these precautions:
  • Always visually confirm that the safety is on after closing the bolt.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  • Never point a firearm—either loaded or empty—at anything you do not intend to shoot.

Savage Arms is the leader in accuracy, quality and value, and we stand behind our products. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Written Retrofit Instructions (.pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf) 


For other questions related to this bolt recall, call us at (800) 370-0708 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST.
REPAIRS CHECK YOUR WARRANTY If you have owned your Savage firearm for a year or less, you may be still covered by your warranty. For more information about warranties or to register your new product, go the Warranty page. If there is a question whether the firearm should be returned or parts could be purchased, please call 1-413-568-7001 between 8:00 am and 5:00 p.m. EST and ask for the Service/Warranty Department. SAVAGE REPAIR SERVICES Savage Arms will provide service on all current firearms manufactured after Nov. 1, 1995 (serial #F498821 and above). We regret we are unable to provide service for firearms made prior to this date. Discontinued or obsolete, a current model that has been revised, firearms will be subject to component inventory availability. For components no longer in stock at Savage Arms, we provide a list of suppliers that might be able to help. Parts for firearms manufactured prior to serial number F498821 may be purchased from the list below.   Trader's Den 1655 Olson Drive Cook, MN 55723 P: 218-666-5083   Bob's Gun Shop P.O. Box 200 Royal, AR 71968 P: 501-767-1970   Ahlman's Inc. 9525 230th Street West Morristown, MN 55052 P: 507-685-4244   Guns & Gun Parts Are Us 983 Westfield Street West Springfield, MA 01089 P: 413-732-9938   Brownells, Inc. 200 South Front Street Montezuma, IA 50171 P: 641-623-4000   Jack First Distributors 1201 Turbine Drive Rapid City, SD 57703 P: 605-343-9544   Midway USA 5875 W Van Horn Tavern Road Columbia, MO 65203 P: 800-243-3220   Numrich Gun Parts Corp 226 Williams Lane, P.O. Box 299 West Hurley, NY 12491 P: 866-686-7424   Western Gun Parts LTD 18124-107 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5S 1K5 P: 780-489-5711   Connor Custom Guns and Gunsmithing 400 Merwin Rd New Kensington PA 15068 P: 724-980-0114   Small Arms Shop 3262 South Eagle Point Inverness, FL 34450 E:   HOW TO SEND A FIREARM IN FOR REPAIR U.S. Customers All firearms are to be sent to Savage Arms at the owner's expense. Warranty repairs will be returned to the owner at Savage Arms' expense. Firearms will be repaired typically 3 weeks after receipt of payment in the order they were received. For warranty claims, proof of purchase must accompany the firearm. Pack the firearm in its original box if possible. If a similar suitable box is used, care should be taken to protect the barrel/muzzle from breaking through. Always pack with the assumption that the firearm will undergo rough handling during transit to Savage Arms. Enclose a brief note including: name, address and phone number of the sender serial number of the firearm description of the problem you are having bullet weight, bullet type, and manufacturer of the ammunition you are using any other information which you feel may be helpful Send to: Savage Arms Attn: Service Department 100 Springdale Road Westfield, MA 01085 Canadian Customers Firearms owned by individuals in Canada cannot be returned directly to Savage Arms due to import/export laws. If your firearm requires warranty service, please ...



Please complete the
Online Warranty Registration within ten (10) days from the date of purchase. You will receive an email confirmation once completed. 


Who is covered?

The original owner (with proof of purchase).

How long is the warranty period?

One (1) year from the date of purchase.

What is covered?

Any defect in materials or workmanship (performed by Savage Arms) encountered during normal use.

What is NOT covered?

Personal injury, property damage, and/or damage to the firearm caused by:
  • Improper maintenance or negligence to provide proper care and maintenance.
  • Alterations/modifications performed without the written authorization of Savage Arms Service Department.
  • Normal wear; tear; and/or corrosion.
  • Accidental discharge, careless handling, and/or misuse.
  • Barrel obstructions.


This warranty and the remedies set forth herein are exclusive and take the place of all other expressed or implied WARRANTIES (including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose which are disclaimed). No other representations or claims of any nature shall be binding on or obligate Savage Arms.

Savage Arms excludes any incidental and consequential damages under this warranty. Some states do not allow exclusions or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which will vary from state to state.
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Muzzleloader Data

Approved new load data for Muzzleloader 10ML II

Due to customer reports of difficulty in finding some of the recommended propellants in the owner’s manual, we have developed the following additional 10ML-II loads. These loads do not replace the loads from the owner’s manual, but rather give our customers more options with better availability. In addition, in response to customer requests Savage Arms has manufactured a limited supply of muzzleloader components (breech plugs and vent liners) to replace worn or damaged parts. Please contact Customer Service at 413-568-7001 with any questions.

NOTE: the below loads are maximum loads; reduce 10% and work up to acceptable performance below max

Accurate XMP-5744

Max Charge (gr weight)

Velocity (ft/sec)

Energy (ft-lbs)

250 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




300 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




260gr/40 caliber Dead Center bullet

Dead Center




Vihtavuori N110    Sabot    
Max Charge (gr weight)

Velocity (ft/sec)

Energy (ft-lbs)

250 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




Alliant Powder® Reloder® 7 

Max Charge (gr weight)

Velocity (ft/sec)

Energy (ft-lbs)

250 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




300 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




Vihtavuori N120

Max Charge (gr weight)

Velocity (ft/sec)

Energy (ft-lbs)

300 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black    



Accurate 2015

Max Charge (gr weight)

Velocity (ft/sec)

Energy (ft-lbs)

300 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




Accurate LT-32

Max Charge (gr weight)

Velocity (ft/sec)

Energy (ft-lbs)

300 gr. Hornady SST or XTP (0.452")

MMP Black




Note: Velocities measured from 10ML-II rifle
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