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Better Comes Standard.

The New Line of MSR

The Modern Sporting Rifle made better.

The Building Blocks of Better

Each MSR component has been meticulously engineered for undisputed accuracy.

5R Rifling

Lands are slightly slanted, so they’re easier to clean and less prone to collect accuracy-robbing fouling. Additionally, 5R Rifling cradles the bullet just enough to impart spin on it without unnecessary constriction.

Melonite QPQ Protection

Each barrel is protected by an extremely durable surface hardening treatment to guard against the elements. This surface is harder, more corrosion-resistant and has a lower coefficient of friction than chrome.

Correct Gas System Lengths

All Savage MSR 15 models with 16-inch barrels feature the appropriate mid-length gas system to ensure every rifle is undoubtedly reliable. MSR 10 models feature custom-length gas systems for reliability and reduced recoil.

Precision Craftsmanship

Every MSR receives the same meticulous attention to detail as the rest of the Savage line of rifles, including the control of critical dimensions such as the headspace, to ensure the accuracy expected from a Savage.

Better Triggers

A crisp, light, dependable trigger is vital to achieving optimum accuracy, which is why each MSR is equipped with high-quality trigger systems that are the envy of other ARs.

MSR10 Long Range

"These are high-performance barrels you'd have to buy as an upgrade with standard AR-15s."

- Bill Dermody, Savage Arms Marketing Director

Optimize Your MSR

Make it your own with compatible accessories.

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