Safety Notice: Muzzleloader 10ML-II

As the new hunting season approaches, Savage Arms would like to remind 10ML-II muzzleloader owners to carefully follow the safe loading procedures as recommended in the manual. When loaded incorrectly, the barrel can become catastrophically damaged, creating the potential for serious injury. To avoid injury:

1. Always ensure the barrel is empty before loading.
  • Insert your factory 10ML-II ramrod into the barrel until it rests on the breech plug. The end of the ramrod should be flush with the muzzle. If any part extends beyond the end of the barrel, DO NOT LOAD. Disassemble the muzzleloader and unload or clear the obstruction.
  • Always remove the primer, powder, and bullet before storing.
2. Follow the exact load instructions in the manual or the approved new load data at
  • A replacement manual with load data can be found at
  • Never deviate from the load recommendations, including without limitation by using different powders, sabots, bullets, or more or less powder.
  • Measure smokeless powder charges by weight, not volume.
3. If the bullet slips or feels loose at any point while loading, DO NOT USE.
  • Improper use or storage can result in bulges, cracks, or corrosion that causes the bullet to slip during loading. Use in this condition can result in a catastrophic failure.
4. Firmly seat the bullet onto the powder charge.
  • Space between the powder and projectile will decrease accuracy and can increase pressures.
Savage Arms is the leader in accuracy, quality and value, and we are confident the 10ML-II is safe when used properly.