Sharing Her Passion
Kristin was born and raised in family that was passionate about the hunting lifestyle, but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she realized the importance of conservation and outdoor education. She has worked closely with the Ray Park Foundation and the Foundation for Hope to give the younger generation and those with lifelong challenges an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor. In 2016 she joined her husband Justin as a co-host for Game of Inches TV.

Home town: Sandusky, MI
Day Job: Virtual Accountant, Co-Host on Game of Inches TV
Shooting Since: 1999
Who taught you to shoot or hunt: My grandpa and uncle taught me how to shoot at a young age but I didn’t start hunting until I was in college.
Proudest Moment Shooting/Hunting: Being a part of the moment when kids, or those who are new to hunting, fall in love with the outdoors like I have.
Handedness: Right
Eye Dominance: Right
Rifle of Choice and Caliber: 110 Ultralite .300 WSM
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