He's Farming The Wild
Mike is one busy fellow. Not only is he the owner of 3 restaurants in the UK but Mike is also the owner of a sustainable wild food business called Robinson Wild Foods, which controls 50,000 acres of private land culling wild deer for venison for his restaurants and land management. On top of all of that he is the owner/director of Farming the Wild Productions – making 4 TV shows on sustainable food production from the wild. "I Love the simplicity, unparalleled accuracy and ruggedness of Savage firearms. This year my 110 High Country and 110 Predator will harvest over 500 deer across 3 species. I need rifles that perform and never let me down!"

• Shooting since age 12
• Taught shooting skills and ethics by our neighbour, a retired army Brigadier with incredible knowledge of hunting and the outdoors.
• Proudest moment hunting. Cooking my first rabbit aged 13 for my parents
• Right handed
• Right eye dominant
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