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Demand precision that's up to any challenge. The Model 12 Benchrest delivers with the Target AccuTriggerâ„¢, which can be adjusted from 6 ounces to 2.5 pounds, and a full-profile stainless steel barrel that's button rifled and perfectly balanced with the wood laminate stock. The rifle also offers an oversized bolt handle and single-shot, dual-port Target Action.


  • User-adjustable Target AccuTrigger for a personalized trigger pull
  • Single-shot, dual-port Target Action
  • Wood laminate stock
  • 29-inch, button-rifled, full-profile stainless steel barrel

Product Features

Floating Bolt Head

Designed to adjust itself for a perfect fit and better accuracy.

Factory-Blueprinted Action

The work of a custom gunsmith—done right in our factory.

Precision Rifled Barrels

Every Savage barrel is geometrically perfect—we make sure of it.

Headspace Control

Zero-tolerance headspace control provides custom rifle accuracy from factory firearms.


The first-of-its-kind AccuTrigger system is easily adjustable by the shooter, offers a light, clean pull with no creep, and prevents the firearm from discharging if jarred or dropped.