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Savage Journeys: Gem of the Valley

Donna McDonald is a hunter, rancher, outfitter & mentor. She believes that hunting is not an exclusive club. She is the Gem of the Valley. This is her Journey.
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How to Open the Bolt on Impulse

There are two ways to open the Impulse straight-pull bolt. This step-by-step guide will show you how to open the bolt on Impulse.
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Elk Steak with Chipotle Butter

Chipotle butter is a simple way to punch up the flavor on any steak dinner. Try this chipotle butter with elk steak to elevate your wild game cooking!
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How to Get Started in NRL22

Everything you need to know to get started in NRL22 from gear to rules to training tips.
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Delta Waterfowl University Hunting Program

Delta Waterfowl’s University Hunting Program teaches wildlife students about hunters’ critical contributions and how hunting is conservation.
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5 Tips on Navigating Preference Points and Tag Draws

Sam Soholt offers 5 steps to navigating preference points and tag draws so you can start planning your dream hunt!
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Bases for Centerfire Rifle

If you need help finding the right bases for a Savage centerfire rifle, this guide will help you determine what you need to know about your rifle.
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Easy Ground Antelope Tacos | Wild Table

Antelope tacos are a great way to use ground wild game meat! This recipe includes a homemade taco seasoning to keep on hand for future meals.
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Dogs of Autumn | Migration

The Dogs of Autumn is a story about the internal struggle waterfowlers face as they bring home a new puppy when their water dog starts to age.
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Women in the Outdoors

Women make the outdoors better for everyone. Read the stories, advice and encouragement of women in the outdoors.
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Predator Hunting Tactics: An Advanced Beginner’s Guide

Predator hunting is challenging, so Kyle Kuechel helped us break down hunting tactics for anyone to get started hunting coyotes!
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How to Determine Eye Dominance

Learn how to determine your eye dominance and how to deal with cross dominance. Knowing your dominant eye will help you shoot better and more accurately.
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