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We recommend the use of most popular smokeless powder cleaning solvents for the bore, breech plug and vent liner. If you have fired either black powder or Pyrodex® through your rifle, use any good commercial black powder/Pyrodex® cleaning solution. Be sure to read and understand all of the cautions and warnings on all solvents and chemicals prior to use. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for best cleaning results.

Follow the instructions for "DISASSEMBLY" in the owner's manual supplied with the firearm. Using the appropriate cleaning solvent for the specific powder used (smokeless or black powder/ Pyrodex®) read, understand, and follow the directions listed from the manufacturer.

Note: Use of Pyrodex® or black powder may require wiping bore between shots and periodically cleaning breech face or firing pin support.

  1. Make sure that the bolt is open and there is no primer in the breech plug.
  2. Lightly scrub the bore with a bronze bore brush to ensure removal of light plastic residue left by plastic sabots
  3. Wipe the bore with dry, clean patches
  4. Lightly apply good gun oil to a dry, clean patch and run through the bore several times
  5. Thoroughly clean the breech plug and removable vent liner of fouling with same solvent used to clean the bore. Carbon buildup in the breech plug behind the vent liner may have to be dislodged. Use care 
 not to damage the threads for the vent liner. Pushing carbon from front to rear is the best way to clean.
  6. Inspect the vent liner by looking through it and replace if necessary.
  7. Wipe dry and apply a light coat of anti-seize compound to the threads of the vent liner and reinstall with Allen wrench supplied.
  8. Apply a light coat of anti-seize to the threads of breech lug and reinstall in the barrel
  9. Wipe the outside metal surfaces of the barrel, receiver, and bolt with a lightly oiled cloth
  10. Reassemble the rifle in the reverse order of disassembly

Cleaning frequency recommendation for a Savage muzzleloader

When using:
  • Smokeless powder - Every 50-60 shots or every other range session
  • Pyrodex® or black powder - Not more than 20 shots and same day after each use

Vent liner replacement frequency recommendation for a 10ML-II muzzleloader

When using:
  • Smokeless powder, we recommend every 100 shots
  • Pyrodex® or black powder, we recommend every 50 shots or less