The Savage Arms Company, manufacturer of extremely accurate "out of the box" centerfire and rimfire rifles. Savage Arms rifles feature patented technology with the AccuTriggerTM and AccuStockTM.

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07/29/2015 : John Snow of Outdoor Life takes a look at the new A17. Check out the video and see what he has to say.

07/29/2015 : Don't miss this great Eastmans' Hunting Journals muley hunt tonight on the Outdoor Channel

07/27/2015 : No Compromises: Lightweight and Savage accurate. Weighing just 5.5lbs, the new 16/116 Lightweight Hunter hits less than 2/3 M.O.A at 550 yards.

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06/12/2015 : Savage Arms Introduces Six Rifles Chambered in 338 Federal - Savage Arms

05/18/2015 : Savage Arms Introduces the A17 Semi-automatic Rifle in 17 HMR - Savage Arms

04/01/2015 : Savage Arms Introduces Landry Signature Series Rifles - Savage Arms

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